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Introducing our new book for 2015
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Mervin and Maxx went to visit the DORE Program. Dore has used our book The Fib: A Wordy Tale in working with one of it's students.

Dore's drug free program consists of daily, physical activities that aim to improve things like reading and writing, attention and focus, social skills, or athletic prowess!


Nationally renowned portrait painter and Fondren artist Bill Wilson is shown here with his wife Linda and his second book The Fib: A Wordy Tale. A project several years in the making, The Fib focuses on Pippin and Maxx character Dorf as he tries to lie his way out of the disaster he's made of Maxx's home.

Published by the newly formed Feathered Cap Press, the book is more than simply a morality tale. "The Fib focuses on teaching kids big words in a fun way," explains Linda, the Pippin & Maxx Education Director. "We see this as a way to expand children's vocabulary and teach the vitals of literacy."

Linda, a retired educator and recognized expert in curriculum arts education integration, has developed a curriculum for Bill's book, The Fib: A Wordy Tale for K-4th grade using the book as the base. That curriculum is available for download free of charge here.

"As a kid I was fascinated by big words," confesses Bill. "Most kids are. Language is something new for them to experiment with. The Fib gives them even more tools to help them express the very complex ideas that kids have!"

"The opening lines of the book begin, 'Neither fib, fudge or fabricate, calumniate, exaggerate, nor prevaricate,' most adults don't even know those words!" Bill explains.

Bill's first book Dorf's Art Lesson was a how-to-draw book developed in conjunction with Portraits Inc. and Children's Harbor for the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Any of his books can be purchased by contacting Pippin & Maxx directly or at fine children's stores and booksellers.

Bill and Linda are Fondren residents and active in the Jackson and Mississippi arts scene. Bill is listed on the Mississippi Arts Council Artists' Roster. Linda consults on curriculum development for schools and organizations. Both are Ambassadors for MAC.